Chicago SQL Server User Group

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 Ameena Lalani : Co-President, Jared Karney : Co-President, Ross Reed : Co-President,  

Ross LoForte: Microsoft Liaison

If you have any questions about the group please drop us a line.  If you're interested in sponsoring and/or presenting at a meeting, we're absolutely interested to hear from you.


We are an offical chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server.  This is a world-wide SQL Server User Group.  PASS organizes the annual, excellent PASS Summit conferences.  And just like our local user group, PASS membership is free!


The most recent incarnation of the Chicago SQL Server User Group has been meeting since June 17th of 2002.

We usually meet on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 5:30 PM.  Typical meetings include one or two SQL Server related presentations along with sponsor-provided food, usually Pizza.  We sometimes raffle off door prizes as well.

We meet at the Microsoft Technology Center which is downtown in the Aon Center:  Microsoft Corp, 200 E Randolph Dr, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60601.  If you are a registered member on this website, you will receive meeting notices.  You must RSVP to get on the attendance list in order for building security to let you in.  Attendance is capped at 100 people to avoid significant building fees, and the locked door to Microsoft is not monitored after 6:00 PM.  If you are more than a half hour late, you will not be able to get into the meeting. You can follow the link for parking, hotel and other information.  The Aon garage is not very large, but it is very affordable.  You're pretty much guaranteed to find a spot in the Millenium garage, but the fee is higher than the AON garage.  There is also the Pedway that zig-zags underground all the way from the Metra stations.

All are welcome!  People of all experience levels can benefit from attending.  We often have a mix of DBAs, Developers, maybe some Managers, and even a couple of Recruiters once in a while.

After you find your way to the main lobby in the AON "Office Tower", you will present your photo Id to the security guard.  If you're on the list we have provided, you will be issued a visitor badge.  Ascend the escalator and find the specific bank of elevators that will take you to Microsoft's 2nd Floor.  Once you reach the 2nd floor, signs will direct you to the room we use which is to the left of the big Microsoft logo you'll see after exiting the elevator.  You'll most likely be greeted by a user group leader handing you a door prize raffle ticket.  Some mingling and networking will ensue while we wait for other members to trickle in.  A food line will form at the back of the room around 5:30 if we're lucky enough to have pizza or sandwiches for the evening.  Once everyone has made it through the food line and the last of the members have finished straggling in, the president will make any announcements and then open the floor for questions, concerns and comments.  This is your chance, for example, to find out if someone else has experienced a similar SQL Server issue at work who can now tell you how she solved the problem.  This Q&A session usually lasts 5 to 15 minutes, and then the evening's presenter is introduced.  If there is one presenter, we're usually wrapping up with the raffle at 7:00 or 7:30.  If it's a rare night of 2 presentations, we'll probably have the raffle just before 8:00 to end the evening.  There are always at least a few people who hang around afterwards to ask follow up questions of the presenter or to do some networking.

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